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Who We Are

Whole body health or holistic health encompasses all aspects of wellbeing, including the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. When one part of the picture is suffering or out of balance then it starts to affect the other spheres.​


We take this approach, looking at the bigger picture, in our case taking, our treatment plans and the products we choose to offer.​


With a strong focus on self care and nourishing from the inside out.​


Your daily dose;

  • of herbal goodness

  • of nourishing food

  • of physical activity

  • of self care


Our mission is simple - to create a space for women (and men) to connect and prosper, championing the beautiful members of The Well Collective community, to achieve their health goals, whatever they may be.


Maddi Brown

Clinical Naturopath & Owner

Maddi is a herb-obsessed naturopath who has a strong commitment to client-centred care. She often goes above and beyond for her clients and gets curious about what could be causing their health complaints. A big believer in whole body health and the many ways different aspects of wellbeing integrate into an individual.


She hopes to create a welcoming and calming environment for our clients and customers to enter wherever they are in their health journey, staying for a moment in time or a journey towards better health.

In 2024 Maddi will commence her Master of Applied Science (Acupuncture) at RMIT. She hopes she will be able to bring this additional TCM lens to support her clients further in clinic.

Interest areas: adhd/brain fog, burnout, energy/fatigue, mental health (stress, anxiety, depression), thyroid health & vaginal health

Get to know Maddi:

  • An animal lover with 2 cats and 2 cheeky golden retrievers - she often spends her afternoons hanging at dog parks and dog beaches

  • Started building the TWC brand with her first tea range in 2020.

  • She loves to bake and will often bring in some yummy baked "healthy" treats to the studio.


  • Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy (Endeavour College of Natural Health)

  • Master of Acupuncture - RMIT (in progress)

  • Advanced Human Design Certificate 

  • Vagiversity Graduate - 6 month vaginal health mentoring program

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training


Leesa Young

Clinical Naturopath & Nutritionist

Leesa is a local naturopath & nutritionist with a passion for women’s health and all things hormones.  She loves helping women feel calm and empowered when it comes to their health and their bodies.  Leesa has particular success treating stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and improving sleep. She is also well-versed in managing digestive, hormonal, immune and metabolic conditions, with a strong commitment to helping her patients develop the tools and resources needed to support their health on a long-term basis. 


She has undertaken significant post-graduate education in fertility and reproductive health including IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies, and has been supporting women and their partners through preconception, fertility/infertility and pregnancy for nearly ten years. 


Leesa has also worked in paediatric health and loves helping kids feel their best. As a mother herself, Leesa has experienced the many benefits of natural health care for children. 

Fast facts about Leesa: 

  • She comes from a musical family and has some hidden musical talent herself, including playing the cello for 7 years.

  • She's lived in 31 different houses across 3 Australian states (so far).

  • An amateur chef, she loves to whip up delicious meals from random ingredients in the fridge.


  • Bachelor Health Science Nutritional Medicine

  • Adv Dip Naturopathy


    Dr Kiera Blaney

    Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

    Kiera Blaney is a compassionate acupuncturist and massage therapist dedicated to enhancing women's health and mental well-being with a gentle touch.

    With a profound understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, Kiera tailors her approach to provide holistic and personalised care.


    Her passion lies in creating a serene and supportive environment for women, where they can address physical and emotional imbalances. Kiera's kind demeanor and expertise make her a trusted partner on the journey to overall well-being.


    Whether navigating women's health concerns or fostering mental harmony, Kiera is committed to guiding her clients with empathy and skill, fostering a path to renewed vitality and balance.

    Fun facts about Kiera: 

    • When not in the studio, Kiera is a professional circus performer who specialises in hula hoops and stilt walking.

    • She loves to travel and has lived in 8 different countries and travelled to over 70 countries.

    • She is obsessed with the colour yellow and sunflowers. Everything she owns is yellow, even her car!


    • Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture

    • Reiki Master Level 1

    • Advanced Diploma Ayurveda

    • Zenthai shiatsu massage level one

    • Qi gong teacher training

    • Crystal healing therapy level one


    Kelly MacDonald


    Kelly is a degree-qualified Clinical Nutritionist who is dedicated to helping people understand the profound influence food has on their overall health and vitality.

    Her goal is to make nutrition accessible and relatable, steering away from overwhelming information and instead focusing on practical advice tailored to each individual. In her consultations she strives to find realistic ways to seamlessly integrate healthier practices into her clients lifestyles, transforming them into sustainable habits.

    Kelly particularly enjoys working with children and mothers, navigating the challenges of family nutrition. She firmly believes that fostering a positive relationship with food from a young age can set the foundation for a lifetime of well-being.

    Fast facts about Kelly: 

    • She is an avid beachgoer and you'll often find her seaside when she isn't supporting her clients in the studio.

    • She has two boys, aged 13 and 8 years old.



    • Bachelor of Health Science Clinical Nutrition


    Chantelle Qubrosi


    Chantelle is a patient and supportive Naturopath with a focus on holistic well-being. She emphasizes lifestyle changes, educates clients on wellness concepts, and thrives on addressing chronic cases with curiosity and empathy.


    Her approach combines research with genuine consideration of each individual. She's dedicated to making manageable changes that enhance lives, even in challenging health conditions.


    Her diverse background, including naturopathy, clinical experience, yoga, love of people, science, nature and psychology, enriches her ability to support clients comprehensively on their health journey.

    Interest areas: adhd/brain fog, burnout, energy/fatigue, mental health (stress, anxiety, depression), thyroid health & vaginal health

    Fun Facts about Chantelle:

    She loves animals, especially the unusual ones having worked as a Vet Tech in Dubai. She currently takes care of 1 cat, 4 frogs, 2 jumping spiders and a bearded dragon.

    • A big nerd for anything to do with the human body or nature and can be found reading textbooks or research papers in her spare time. 

    • Went skydiving at 9 years old.


    • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 

    • 200hr yoga teacher training 

    • Diploma as a Physical Therapy Aide 

    Janine Van Wyk

    Specialised Counsellor

    Janine is a discipline specialised counsellor creating a collaborative process between herself and the client. Her aim is to increase communication, foster better coping mechanisms, boost self-esteem, encourage behavior change whilst supporting mental health. The aim is to facilitate the client in identifying goals and potential solutions to issues that cause emotional distress. 


    Janine’s counselling skills are both soft (interpersonal) and hard (technical) abilities that she uses to help her clients work through personal issues and overcome obstacles as well oppression that are currently preventing them from leading a full and happy life. She has a duty of care to her clients and is required by profession to act in the best interests of her clients by advancing client goals, defending client rights, maximizing good, and minimizing harm. Talking therapies like counselling enable patients to discuss their issues and emotions in a safe and dependable setting. 


    Janine’s skills are utilising a combination of techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused, working with Dissociation and inner healing. Our body holds and remembers trauma and abuse so through body release work she allows the mind to work with the body in releasing those trapped emotions which in turn bring on sickness, depression, anxiety, and fear based paranoia.

    Fun facts about Janine:

    • She is a multi award winning choreographer, and travelled most parts of the world as a performing artist for 24 years

    • Originally from South Africa she co founded Eeny Meeny Miny Mo Entertainment servicing national and international clients for all corporate entertainment requirements for 14 years

    • She co founded Nitro Fitness which also serviced corporate clients in their health and fitness goals as well as improving staff moral through team building and life coaching


    • AIPC Diploma in Counselling

    • International School Of Inner Healing 

    • Diploma In Exercise Science (Physiology, Anatomy, Nutrition)


      Janaya Hutton

      Remedial Massage Therapist

      Samantha Doherty

      Massage Therapist & Make up Artist

      An experienced massage therapist with over 10 years' experience, Samantha loves personalising her treatments to each individual.

      She is able to offer a wide range of massage therapy techniques including Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Relaxation, Remedial and Maternity Massage. 

      Samantha is also a qualified makeup artist and offers makeup artistry and bespoke facials.


      Looking for a new clinic space to shine from? 

      We are always on the lookout for passionate, client-centred practitioners.


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      2/27 Minjungbal Drive

      Tweed Heads South

      NSW 2486


      0473 938 789



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